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Arduino Universal Serial Adapter

Everything you need to create an Arduino based serial adapter designed to work with

  • Phone UART chips
  • Standard DB9 serial ports
  • Null modem serial ports
  • Cisco serial consoles

The idea is to have 1 serial adapter that takes care of all of your DB9 / null modem / goofy pinouts in one package.


IDE / Environment

This project was developed using stino (Sublime Text 2 plugin). It works slightly differently (read: more powerful) than the standard Arduino IDE. This project may or may not build under the Arduino IDE.


The Project.h and Project.cpp files define the pinouts in use, Arduino pinout and a number of other items that may vary between builds. Please read through these [short] files and update the pinouts, addresses and anything else that may be different before uploading to your Arduino.


Universal Arduino Serial Adapter


  • Arduino Mega
  • AdaFruit 1.8" LCD with MicroSD Card Slot
  • PSP Joystick
  • LED backlit buttons
  • Spark Fun MicroUSB breakout
  • AdaFruit logic level converter (bi-directional)
  • RJ-45 jacks
  • DB9 jack
  • Maxim Max3232 RS232 to TTL DIP IC's

Credits / Thanks

  • ChildOfTheHorn/Stacy Wylie
  • Adam Outler
  • Motorhead
  • utkanos
  • bhundven

Articles / Information Used For Project