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  KemoNine 504bfe8abe Initial rough cut form of getting bmp's shown on-screen that are stored on sd card 1 month ago
  KemoNine a660ebc092 Enumerate pinouts directory and show list of files available to display 1 month ago
  KemoNine 4c51a6fb7d prep work for displaying pinout diagrams 1 month ago
  KemoNine c7c1dd5129 Add ALT UART to rpi config screen 1 month ago
  KemoNine d8e9621ed9 Tweak pin based on working header 1 month ago
  KemoNine 6b847b3bb0 Add conditional logic / config for rpi mux uart selection -- default to all on 1 month ago
  KemoNine ee2a3230aa Fixup git ignore 1 month ago
  KemoNine af189005c9 Add additional serial ports via SERCOM ; the mux_rpi build now has uart0/1, uart5 and a generic ttl pinout in case others are needed 1 month ago
  KemoNine 76524c01b8 Remove build folder from repo 1 month ago
  KemoNine c42cd7dd48 Update controller readme to reflect progress to date 1 month ago
  KemoNine caaf8cba13 Initial setup of diagram list 1 month ago
  KemoNine 21adc36934 More vscode settings updates 1 month ago
  KemoNine 5b9b5e130e Finalize sd card info screen 1 month ago
  KemoNine aac97581a7 Add note about sd card formatter to readmet 1 month ago
  KemoNine d89a0cfbde Finalize implementation of sd card formatter 1 month ago
  KemoNine 3fefcf7e34 Start work on dedicated sd card formatter program 1 month ago
  KemoNine 4639aa70ab Add vscode config that's surfaced suddenly 1 month ago
  KemoNine 6682216430 Adjust configs so buttons work again, disable debugging, tweak spi clock rate for sd card 1 month ago
  KemoNine bbc2eb56a7 Remove unneeded guislice tweak 1 month ago
  KemoNine 7a0e3634bc Update UI to be more consistent, further implementation of sd card page / pop-up 1 month ago
  KemoNine 0a35c797a8 Turn off touch screen as it's no longer setup or used 1 month ago
  KemoNine 2569af4ff5 Add additional fonts 1 month ago
  KemoNine 89e83c277e Start implementation of SD Card info screen 1 month ago
  KemoNine 2db44b6849 Update so sd card via sdfat initializes correctly 1 month ago
  KemoNine e8a53866b1 Add indicator that the board is initializing in case something goes wrong with the init sequence -- most likely due to a bad sd card formatting / missing sd card 1 month ago
  KemoNine 450c4aeb9c Bring in SdFat lib, turn on sd config in GUI Slice 1 month ago
  KemoNine aabfb0bd6b Updates to wire up 5 way switch to gui slice UI on config screen 1 month ago
  KemoNine 3479fec85d Start implmenetation of rpi mux 1 month ago
  KemoNine e54494df60 Update external library names to match arduino ide library manager names 1 month ago
  KemoNine 9e784ecf17 Update readme with libraries used by this build 1 month ago
  KemoNine b0aaece493 Overhaul source layout to facilitate MUXes being added 1 month ago
  KemoNine 324e4d969e Add basic config ui mock up for rpi, UI now flip/flops between config screen and output screen whenever a key is pressed 1 month ago
  KemoNine cb41667710 Update git ignore for gui slice builder output 1 month ago
  KemoNine 137d1c46f1 Remove unnecessary script 1 month ago
  KemoNine e132cf1e6f Remove unnecessary files 1 month ago
  KemoNine 741793c298 Refine keyboard handling lightly 1 month ago
  KemoNine 8c8b4fd831 Convert UI to GUI Slice and cleanup some small stuff along the way 1 month ago
  KemoNine b765f65d9c Add ring buffer for text display on LCD ; add some debug code to verify what keys are availble for use ; need to sort symbol key still 1 month ago
  KemoNine 99c0b77398 Fix typo in readme 1 month ago
  KemoNine 60aa13a433 Tie in keyboard handling ; refactor to be easier to read 1 month ago
  KemoNine c9cd379e2d Start working on basic hardware support 1 month ago
  KemoNine ce63d33a57 Update tools to simplify compile/upload ; note them in the readme 1 month ago
  KemoNine 601e2ad4f0 Add 2 more pieces of hardware and implementation notes 1 month ago
  KemoNine 6727a08e7e Update readme to have a proper bom including costs 1 month ago
  KemoNine 67cfd18165 Initial bring up 1 month ago