341 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
kemonine 8503675443 add way to trip booting to uf2 on puck buddy ; (hold rgb_toggle) 2 weeks ago
kemonine 6c23fd08bf add current puck buddy layout as a vial config 2 weeks ago
kemonine c5469e0736 puckbuddy oem firmware ; safe keeping 2 weeks ago
kemonine 89ac912465 tweak build note for latest way of building the paintbrush zmk-ardux stuff 2 weeks ago
kemonine 19b8a75465 adjust status line on puckbuddy for additional detail 3 weeks ago
kemonine 00538e2915 update/cleanup current puckbuddy setup 3 weeks ago
kemonine 448e982d3e add screen shots of valid cirque sensitity values for future reference if needed 3 weeks ago
kemonine a10892d685 qmk personalization and heavy tuning of the puckbuddy firmware ; this is /NOT/ supported by mechwild at this time ; youre on your own with the patch 3 weeks ago
kemonine 5ad615186e add puck buddy json file used during tests 3 weeks ago
kemonine c2b1376eca tune puck buddy config based on usage 3 weeks ago
kemonine f64556c236 add puck buddy layout/config 3 weeks ago
kemonine 974e5b014f fix std ardux custom layer 1 month ago
kemonine 3c97c3747b replace power keycode with home keycode 2 months ago
kemonine a8be66593e add black pill definition from https://github.com/kylemccreery/zmk/tree/hid/app/boards/shields/rbf/boards 2 months ago
kemonine 552713b77d adjust custom ardux layer to allow for better android keyboard use cases 2 months ago
kemonine 3e82b65261 update qmk remix to allow activation and use of mouse on right hand for left handed artsey 3 months ago
kemonine 84562586f2 ruther refine artsey right hand nav layer 'stuff' 4 months ago
kemonine 170ee49d9e move alt-f4 on nav side 4 months ago
kemonine 64f98aed7f add 40% corne artsey remixes applied to builds 4 months ago
kemonine 5c27ecdc5c further tuning for tidbit 5 months ago
kemonine b56aa7f4cf add docker setup for vscode to ease launching dev environment for qmk 5 months ago
KemoNine b4e53a4abb Remove unneeded code 5 months ago
KemoNine 5c7bf8f329 Setup core kmn tidbit qmk keymap 5 months ago
KemoNine d2c994c1ae first working code/builds of qmk tidbit customizations 5 months ago
KemoNine 807a9a7df3 initial attempt at qmk user space for tidbit 5 months ago
KemoNine ee4c99e837 Fix qmk users path 5 months ago
KemoNine 75045eefbf add missing steps fix types 5 months ago
kemonine d6c4e05cf9 start work on qmk user keymaps 5 months ago
kemonine 1ccd0910c3 add detail to readme 5 months ago
kemonine 5e8f84dff5 use official miryoku docs 5 months ago
kemonine 568624be19 total clean up based on current keyboard setups 5 months ago
kemonine 8045a3c2e8 remove artsey cheatsheet. use official artsey info instead 5 months ago
KemoNine 6e4d86701d misc update 7 months ago
KemoNine 26a7f31ecc updates based on daily use for corne map combos 10 months ago
kemonine 432779ca30 update keymap to match code 10 months ago
KemoNine 234578155e add shift as a hold tap on base qwerty for corne 10 months ago
KemoNine e55d5692d8 remove / combo from qwerty base ; was triggering on the 'are' sweep 10 months ago
KemoNine 2cd5d3a78d Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kemonine.info/kemonine/keyboard 10 months ago
kemonine cb9af5f294 update diagrams to match layouts 10 months ago
KemoNine 808ccf5dcd make exclamation point easier to get to 10 months ago
KemoNine 64cc969ad5 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kemonine.info/kemonine/keyboard 10 months ago
KemoNine 55c7cac71b fix ctrl + alt + del on corne 10 months ago
kemonine 03931fbdaf update diagrams to match keymap 10 months ago
KemoNine 694c14c741 updates based on daily use 10 months ago
kemonine 7e84844135 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kemonine.info/kemonine/mdloader 10 months ago
kemonine 31a0c0d432 updates based on keymap/use 10 months ago
KemoNine 30311b0cb2 tuning based on use 10 months ago
KemoNine 3928aede5d tuning based on use 10 months ago
kemonine 977f8e30d4 add graphics for new corne keymap 10 months ago
KemoNine 7254d2409d create 3x6 corne keymap thats big artsey with some qwerty influences for speed 10 months ago