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Change Log


  • Build bug fixes
  • Add HDMI on/off command for help with ensuring screen is on OR off at boot since systemd timers won't re-run on boot
  • Update tools to watch for config changes and restart if config has changed


  • Update fan daemon to be better about loading config
  • Update slideshow to keep it running UNTIL a user presses a key to enter the config ui
  • Added support for slideshow restart interval (this is for re-randomizing the slideshow)
  • Adjust randomization flag for fim to be a little more reliable (put back the seeded version)
  • Adjusted config defaults and handling to be more reliable


  • Update inotify to use configured path for albums instead of being hard coded

20200827-1 through 20200905-2

  • Full bring up of main config UI
  • Additional 'advanced' configuration available via config file
  • Fan management daemon
  • inotify dameon for watching the main photos storage for changes and restarting slideshow as appropriate


  • Initial bring up of the wifi configuration utility
  • Setup drone to auto-build snapshot releases