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Elevation Data

To add elevation data and contour lines to your maps, you'll need the below information.


The information here and integration(s) in the main script were adapted from:



  1. Download various elevation data needed using phyghtmap (
  2. Download maps using
  3. Create a custom map list (see custom.list for an example) for use
  4. Run map processing with --no-map-download, --tag-mapping and --tag-transform

../../bin/osmosis/bin/osmosis --read-pbf ccentral-america-srtm3_lon-99.83_-44.94lat3.28_28.05_srtm3v3.0.osm.pbf
--tee 3
--bp file=../../cache/costa-rica.poly --write-pbf costa-rica-strm3.osm.pbf
--bp file=../../cache/panama.poly --write-pbf panama-strm3.osm.pbf
--bp file=../../cache/nicaragua.poly --write-pbf nicaragua-strm3.osm.pbf

--read-pbf costa-rica-strm1.osm.pbf
--read-pbf panama-strm1.osm.pbf
--read-pbf nicaragua-strm1.osm.pbf
--write-pbf nicaragua-costa-rica-panama-srtm1.osm.pbf

--rb file=cache/ght/midwest-srtm1.osm.pbf
--tag-transform file=openandromaps/tag-transform.xml
--wb file=cache/ght/midwest-srtm1-tt.osm.pbf

--rb file=cache/ght/midwest-srtm1-tt.osm.pbf
--mapfile-writer file=cache/ght/
type=ram threads=1 map-start-zoom=8

Australia bounding box : bbox=-46.056650000000005,109.8694,-8.837109,169.1016