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jmf aaed156a31 nitpicking: capitalized SQL code for consistency. 3 years ago
jmf eb19ac5208 fixed a typo. oops. 3 years ago
jmf 48d0508d5d updated user_stream function to stream_user per new mastodon.py 3 years ago
KemoNine 6ea904fdc7 Add auto responder for follows 4 years ago
Nikolaos Spyratos 461df19a05 Added redundancy for missing article IDs, now uses a SHA1 of the title if ID is missing 4 years ago
KemoNine 1210aa0981 Switched follow bot to user stream to see boosts (seed follow account to start spread out from home instance); updated status checking for follow to properly handle boosts 4 years ago
KemoNine 12d9a611a6 Add autoresponder bot support and sample configs 4 years ago
KemoNine 3a60e77094 Fix bug introduced in recent re-factor 4 years ago
KemoNine 17bf6808ae Added follow bot (UNSUPPORTED!@!!!!) 4 years ago
KemoNine 1aa7ff2d73 Update welcome bot to support more general code 4 years ago
KemoNine 7a6c8a938f Minor refactor and bug fixes for welcome bot 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 303a11b6d2 Docstring fixes 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 214593f96a Backward compatible with 3.5 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 1816030f09 Oh, pylint! 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 756f9625ae Move __main__ stuff into handle_command_line() 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 0e65f6530e pathlib FTW 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 0b65bc898a Simplified import 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 1d596fdf0f botstreamlisteners.py cleanup 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser 90757d777a Toot.py cleanup 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser fea2efc34a Long line fixes 4 years ago
Kirk Strauser ca5d04c113 pylint-happy formatting 4 years ago
KemoNine a98d5cc27c Implementation of welcome bot (service) 4 years ago
KemoNine dda63ff68a Updated for basic curation / timeline sniffing 4 years ago
KemoNine d5130629f2 Initial implementation of streaming API, basic toot caching 4 years ago
KemoNine f6a3fc7fab Update project to use YAML for configs; code cleanup/overhaul 4 years ago
KemoNine 3eeaad02b5 Add proper TOTP support 4 years ago
Mike C 6d23fc2069 Updated to allow custom logic for filter articles in an rss feed, updated gitignore, updated examples/configs 4 years ago
KemoNine 3f13a0492c Updated config handling to work with utf-8 4 years ago
KemoNine d1b111fb2b Add CW hiding abilities and Add ability to parse RSS and cross post 4 years ago
KemoNine e1bff118fb Initial release 4 years ago