269 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
KemoNine 11cf414031 Rework nibble misc layer to avoid firmware lockup/bug 3 days ago
KemoNine 3cb755a3db Mild keymap tweaks 3 days ago
KemoNine 505f8dadb2 Fix nibble compile error 5 days ago
KemoNine 16cead08ed Further tune/tweak combos for layer/tk activation 5 days ago
KemoNine 253036c260 Adjust combo bindings to prevent accidental activation 'at speed' while typing normally 1 week ago
KemoNine 575932980d Fix 7skb misc layer toggle 1 week ago
KemoNine 0d31271c46 Cleanup/tune 7skb keymap 1 week ago
kemonine 1b90e58ab1 Add miryoku keymap cheat sheet 1 week ago
KemoNine ab3bb95715 Update nibble keymap 1 week ago
kemonine 22f0b8472b Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kemonine.info/kemonine/mdloader 1 week ago
kemonine 8e3aa5c66d Update nibble cheat sheets to match layout 1 week ago
KemoNine 9979145815 Adjust 7skb combo timings 1 week ago
KemoNine 7d955d8dfd Tweak to match preferred layouts 1 week ago
kemonine 3cbafe48b8 Update 7skb layer diagrams 1 week ago
KemoNine c8bd9fc61d Cleanup / overhaul portions of 7skb keymap to be less 'in the way' and more appropriate for daily needs 1 week ago
kemonine 9c29603de8 Update 7skb keymap image to match updated keymap 1 week ago
KemoNine c53be37f61 tweak nibble keymap 1 week ago
KemoNine 2eb3edaf9f update 7skb keymap 1 week ago
KemoNine f1cdad5100 fix 7skb missing key and missing row in zmk keymap 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 209479c448 Fix nav combo toggle ; add underglow controls ; add ext power control -- 7skb 2 weeks ago
KemoNine d50f7d9618 Finalize zmk 7skb bring up with latest keymap 2 weeks ago
kemonine b983479d3d Add 7skb kle layouts 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 9f65120cd9 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.kemonine.info/kemonine/keyboard 2 weeks ago
KemoNine bfe93a2bdd Tweak nibble layout to better match preferred nav layer and adjust combo for activation of nav 2 weeks ago
kemonine e815c058e1 Fix nibble nav home/end on function layer 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 34b61045c5 Adjust nibble keymap 2 weeks ago
kemonine cc69860456 Adjust nibble keymap 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 11f8153fb5 Tweak nibble 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 9234968463 Tweak readme 2 weeks ago
KemoNine 6fd52dc66b Initial bring up of 7skb for zmk 2 weeks ago
KemoNine ee689f75b9 Add artsey build for tidbit tests 2 months ago
KemoNine b3626b97d4 Cleanup and organization 2 months ago
KemoNine 7bd6146e89 Add esc to tidbit nav layer keymap 2 months ago
kemonine 0714b28375 Add space to tidbit keymap definitions 2 months ago
KemoNine bf3928b274 Add space to tidbit nav layer for quicklook, update readme based on new fs path during builds 2 months ago
KemoNine 525e4f84c5 Move artsey implemenations that are sound to main artseyio github repo 3 months ago
KemoNine 7536136557 Add corne artsey right setup 3 months ago
KemoNine b1e498382a Fix mild bugs with artsey right handed layout 3 months ago
KemoNine 0f2ad7e7e2 Enhance artsey dtsi and make corne_left implementation in line with updates 3 months ago
KemoNine eb8df2aa81 Update zmk notes 3 months ago
KemoNine 271d412e87 Update notes 3 months ago
KemoNine ffd70a5e90 version artsey dtsi to match upstream, tweak corne artsey bluetooth setup 3 months ago
KemoNine 9ec3e261b1 Bring up artsey on corne left side 3 months ago
KemoNine 6d18fdde24 remove pockettype as it's now submitted to zmk proper 3 months ago
KemoNine 472b160288 artsey: add pg_up/dn to right handed navigation 3 months ago
KemoNine b6921429ab artsey: fix left handed navigation layer 3 months ago
KemoNine 92bc711050 Fix tidbit config options for artsey and off by one key error with tidbit artsey keymap 3 months ago
KemoNine 42ad491cef Initial bring up of artsey on a tidbit for left handed use 3 months ago
KemoNine 45111b2b92 Add left handed layers to artsey.dtsi 3 months ago
KemoNine 42a545d381 Add bt profile stuff to thumb block on artsey left lily58 3 months ago