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This project is a basic lighting system that can be used with smaller SentrySafe products such as the X125 model.

The project uses Adafruit NeoPixels as a lighting source, Arduino for control, and has support for different sensors to check if the safe door is open. The build also is setup to allow the color of the NeoPixels to be changed, brightness to be changed as well as an "always on" switch.


There is a Fritzing schematic of the project in the main folder (look for the fzz file) that outlines how all of the parts need to be put together.

There is a bill of materials (OpenOffice Calc format) in the main folder listing all parts that were used in the build.

IMPORTANT: To use the Adafruit Trinket Pro, you must setup a slightly different Arduino IDE as described here:


The build can be customized in the following ways

  • Use an Adafruit Trinket Pro or Arduino Micro
  • Use a SparkFun LiPo fuel gauge to track battery level and flash the lights when the battery reaches a critical level
  • Use a magnetic door sensor or PIR distance sensor to check if the safe door has been opened

Source Code Tweaks/Config

In the code you'll find the following variables which may need tweaking

  • SLEEP_INTERVAL : The amount of time (in miliseconds) that the device sleeps for between checks
  • ALERT_LEVEL : The battery level that generates an alert. This must be set between 1 and 32%, inclusive

Known Issues

Please see the document for current, known issues.

Code License

All code is licensed under the Apache 2 License ( unless otherwise specified.

The following external libraries are included and may not be licensed under the Apache 2 License

Non-Code License

All non-code Assets, documentation, etc is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (