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Bill Of Materials / Hardware Assumptions

This is a surprisingly straight forward project that has minimal in the way of hardware requirements. Below you'll find a list of everything we recommend / assume.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 with at least 2Gb of RAM

    • An equivalent board with at least 2Gb of RAM capable of running Ubuntu 64bit Linux can be used instead but we do not support anything but the Raspberry Pi 4 at this time
    • Please note: RAM usage is significantly affected by source image resolution /and/ panel size. 2Gb of RAM should be enough for a 2k screen and 20Mpx source images. If you're not sure get a 4Gb Raspberry Pi.
  • HDMI Monitor (Verified Working)

  • HDMI Monitor (TESTING)

    • Please note: these are the panels we are TESTING ; do not use these unless you'd like to help us sort the settings needed for use
    • wisecoco panels
  • Fan/Cooling

    • The Argon Fan Hat is a nice adjustable fan setup for the Raspberry Pis. We recommend this as the fan to use.
    • Please Note: The Pimoroni Fan Shim will cause problems. Do NOT use it for your PiFrame build. We promise, it's unwise due to the pinout and more.
  • USB to Serial adapter

    • There are a lot of options, choose one you know that will work well
    • Adafruit and SparkFun are good choices for serial to usb adapters
  • HDMI cable that will work with your panel and the Raspberry Pi. You can use an adapter if needed.

  • USB disk (thumb drive / ssd) for storing pictures

    • This is optional but will help prevent micro sd card wear if regularly changing photos or running backups
    • The Sandisk Ultra Fit USB disks are great options and work well with the Raspberry Pi boards
  • 1x micro sd card

    • Must be at least 16Gb. The base install of software consumes almost 8Gb of storage, you'll want more than 8Gb to properly buffer updates and upgrades
  • Power supply (at least 2.4A to avoid voltage issues)