Ansible configuration for PiFrame devices -- used by PiFrameFleet for fleet management
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kemonine a83de8fed4 Line ending updates/fixes 8 months ago
dispatcher-dashboard Fixup dispatcher index.html permissions 9 months ago
hdmi Fix typo 8 months ago
monit Tweak monit config for new pf-ui daemon 8 months ago
monit-dashboard Be more specific in monit dashboard ip config 9 months ago
msmtp Add missing log to msmtp role 9 months ago
munin Tweak main munin timeout to be 15s instead of 180s 9 months ago
munin-node Remove firewall options from frames 9 months ago
rtty Add munin-node, munin, rtty, additional options for wireguard, dispatcher-dashboard 9 months ago
rttys Fix typos 9 months ago
wireguard Fixup tag bug in wireguard ansible role 9 months ago