Ansible configuration for PiFrame devices -- used by PiFrameFleet for fleet management
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1 year ago
# Ansible
Some basic Ansible 'stuff' for managing PiFrames.
This is very much WIP and nothing in this directory should **NOT** be used unless you plan on submitting patches / fixes / etc.
For now the goal of this code is to get a basic WireGuard deployment going for the PiFrameFleet area of the project.
1 year ago
# Notes
- Use ``` [ip] [user]``` to setup the ansible user + ssh public key on a host before running anything
- Use `````` to update software on all frames
- Use `````` to deploy wireguard on the dispatcher + all frames
- Be sure to update frame IP address after running this so ansible uses the wireguard vpn instead of naked IP address
- Use `````` to create a wireguard config for a non-frame host (like your laptop/desktop used to manage a fleet of frames via the dispatcher)
- Use `````` to deploy dispatcher config (this is to fine-tune setup to include the frames)
- Use `````` to deploy frame configuration (this is a limited subset of config from the docs)
- See ```inventory.example``` and the ```host_vars``` directory for necessary config and layout of groups for the various ansible playbooks to work properly
1 year ago
# Licensing
Unless otherwise stated all source code is licensed under the [Apache 2 License](LICENSE-APACHE-2.0.txt).
Unless otherwise stated the non source code contents of this repository are licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License](LICENSE-CC-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike-4.0-International.txt)