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  • Support Openstack Debian images (contribution by @pallinger)


  • Support Raspbian (contribution by @penguineer)


  • Support Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)
  • Introduce wireguard_ubuntu_update_cache and wireguard_ubuntu_cache_valid_time variables to specifiy individual Ubuntu package cache settings. Default values are the same as before.
  • As kernel >= 5.6 (and kernel 5.4 in Ubuntu 20.04) now have wireguard module included wireguard-dkms package is no longer needed in that case. That's why WireGuard package installation is now part of the includes for the specific OS to make it easier to handle various cases.


  • Archlinux: Linux kernel >= 5.6 contains wireguard module now. No need to install wireguard-dkms anymore in this case. Installations with LTS kernel installs wireguard-lts package now instead of wireguard-dkms. Installations with kernel <= 5.6 will still install wireguard-dkms package.


  • Use the buster-backports repository on Debian Buster (or older), use package standard repositories on sid/bullseye. standard repositories on sid/bullseye.

    The role no longer adds the unstable repo nor the apt preference for that repo. There is no need to clean the preference and unstable repository, since packages from your release have a higher priority.

    If you remove the apt preference (/etc/apt/preferences.d/limit-unstable) updates from unstable are accepted by apt. This likely is not what you want and may lead to an unstable state.

    If you want to clean up:

    • remove /etc/apt/preferences.d/limit-unstable and
    • remove deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ unstable main from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/deb_debian_org_debian.list.

    The backports repository has a lower priority and does not need an apt preference.


  • If wg syncconf command is not available do stop/start service instead of restart (contribution by @cristichiru)


  • Debian: install gnupg package instead of gpg. (contribution by @zinefer)


  • add shell options to syncconf handler to fail fast in case of error


  • Newer versions of WireGuard (around November 2019) introduced wg syncconf subcommand. This has the advantage that changes to the WireGuard configuration can be applied without disturbing existing connections. With this change this role tries to use wg syncconf subcommand when available. This even works if you have hosts with older and newer WireGuard versions.


  • wireguard_(preup|postdown|preup|predown) settings are now a list. If more iptables commands needs to be specified e.g. then this changes makes it more readable. The commands are executed in order as described in wg-quick.8. Also see README for more examples. (contribution by @Madic-)


  • Add support for Fedora (contribution by @ties)


  • Install GPG to be able to import WireGuard key (Debian)


  • Allow to specifiy additional Wireguard interface options: fwmark, mtu, table, preup and predown (for more information and examples see wg-quick.8)
  • Add host comments in Wireguard config file


  • While the changes introduced are backwards compatible in general if you stay with your current settings some variables are no longer needed. So this is partly a breaking change and therefore justifies a new major version.
  • Support multiple Wireguard interfaces. See README for examples (contribution by fbourqui)
  • Make role stateless: In the previous versions the private and public keys of the Wireguard hosts were stored locally in the directory defined with the wireguard_cert_directory variable. This is no longer the case. The variables wireguard_cert_directory, wireguard_cert_owner and wireguard_cert_group are no longer needed and were removed. If you used this role before this release it's safe to remove them from your settings. The directory that was defined with the wireguard_cert_directory variable will be kept. While not tested it may enable you to go back to an older version of this role and it should still work (contribution by fbourqui)
  • Reminder: wireguard_cert_directory default was ~/wireguard/certs. Public and Private keys where stored on the host running ansible playbook. As a security best practice private keys of all your WireGuard endpoints should not be kept locally.


  • remove unneeded with_inventory_hostnames loops (thanks to pierreozoux for initial PR)


  • remove unecessary files (contribution by pierreozoux)


  • add support for RHEL/CentOS (contribution by ahanselka)


  • pass package list directly to some modules by using the new and prefered syntax instead loop or with_items (contribution by ahanselka)


  • fix address in README


  • support for Debian added (contribution by ties)


  • make Ansible linter happy


  • use correct semantic versioning as described in https://semver.org. Needed for Ansible Galaxy importer as it now insists on using semantic versioning.
  • moved changelog entries to separate file
  • make Ansible linter happy
  • no major changes but decided to start a new major release as versioning scheme changed quite heavily


  • update README


  • update README


  • initial implementation